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Assam (North-East SET-2012)

Results of Assam (North-East SET 2012)

                       ASSAM (N E Region)
                           Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar – 781014
                   Notification No. SLET/Result/10

Dated: 06‐02‐13
This is notified that the following Roll Nos. appeared in SET, 2012 (held on 09‐09‐12) are declared qualified for Lectureship in Colleges and Universities of N. E States including Sikkim.

The criteria adopted during the finalisation of the result follows:
“Those candidates who figure among top 7% of all the candidates who appeared in SET,2012; this shall be calculated separately for each disciplinen and for each category (OBC,SC/ST/PH/VH).

Accordingly a cut‐off mark will be determined for each subject and each category for this purpose. In case of the tie (when several students have same identical aggregate marks) all the candidates
appearing at the qualifying marks shall be included. Candidates who do not secure minimum required score in each paper and are therefore not in the consideration Zone, will not be included in this list if they fall among top 7% within their subject and category”

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sri KrishnaDevaraya University Notification


 The University College requires Personnel on contract basis for Teaching (purely temporary) in the following departments. Eligible candidates can walk in for an interview with their RESUME along with copies of relevant certificates, publications and other credentials on 23-01-2013 at 9 AM for Science departments and on 24-01-2013 at 9 AM for Arts departments, at the Administrative building, S. K. University, Anantapur, AndhraPradesh.

The minimum educational qualifications required for engaging Personnel on contract basis forTeaching in any department of Arts and Sciences shall be:

1.A good academic record with at least 55% marks at the Master’s degree level in a relevant subject .

2.Besides fulfilling the above qualifications, the candidate must have cleared the NET/SLET/SET or have been awarded a Ph.D. Degree.


1. The candidates attending for interview are required to bring 2 Nos. of their Passport size photos, a copy of RESUME, certified copies of their integrated Caste Certificate, Qualifications, previous experience, publications and other certificates (if any) along with ORIGINAL certificates for verification.

2. While adopting temporary roster system, if any qualified candidate is not available for WOMEN/PH in a given category, MEN/Non-PH candidates, of the same category may be considered for time-being to meet the immediate work load requirements.

3. No TA/DA will be paid to the candidates for attending the interview. 

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Computer Science- Paper III


1. Eco system is a Frame work for

(A) Building a Computer System

(B) Building Internet Market

(C) Building Offline Market

(D) Building Market

Ans: B


2.The efficiency (E) and speed up(sp) for multiprocessor with p processors satisifies:

(A) E<=p and sp<=p 

(B) E<=1 and sp<=p

(C) E<=p and sp<=1

(D) E<=1 and sp<=1


3. Match the following:

               List-1                      List -II

a.  Critical Region          1. Hoares Monitor   

b. Wait/Signal                 2. Mutual Exclusion

c. Working Set                3. Principal of Locality

d. Dead Lock                  4. Circular Wait 

          a    b    c    d

(A)    2     1    3    4

(B)    1     2    4    3

(C)    2     3    1   4

(D)    1     3    2   4

Ans: A

4. The technique of temporarily  delaying outgoing acknowledgement so that they can be hooked onto the next outgoing data frame is known as

(A) Bit stuffing

(B) Piggy backing

(C) Pipe-lining

(D) Broadcasting

Ans: B


5. __________ is process of extracting previously non known valid and actionable information from large data to make crucial business and strategic decisions.
(A) Data Management
(B) Data base
(C) Data Mining
(D) Meta Data



6. The aspect ratio of an image is defined as

(A) The ratio of width to its height measured in unit length

(B) The ratio of height to width measured in number of pixels.

(C) The ratio of depth to width measured in unit length

(D) The ratio of width to depth measured in number of pixels.



7. Which combination of the following features will suffice to characterize an OS as a multi-programmed OS? 

(a) More than one program may be loaded into main memory at the same time for execution. 

(b) If a program waits for certain events such as I/O, another program is immediately scheduled for execution. 

(c) If the execution of a program terminates, another program is immediately scheduled for execution.

(A) (a) only
(b) (a) and (b) only
(c) (a) and (c) only
(d) (a),(b) and (c) only



8. Using RSA algorithm, what is the value of cipher text C, if the plain text M=5 and p=3, q=11 & d=7?

(A) 33

(B) 5

(C) 25

(D) 26


n = (p x q) = (3 x 11) = 33

f(n) = (p – 1)(q – 1) = (3 – 1)(11 – 1) = (2)(10) = 20

e must be relatively prime to f(n);

Factors of 20 = 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20

Factors suitable for e = 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ….

Try 3.  Factors of 3 = 1, 3

Selecting 3 meets requirement to be relatively prime to f(n).

We also know d = e-1 mod f(n); that is ed = 1 mod 20

We also can find 1 mod 20 = 21, 41, 61, etc.

Testing ed = 21, then d = 21/3 = 7

Public Key is [3,33]

Private key is [7,33]


C = me mod n = 53 mod 33 = 125 mod 33 = 125/33 = Q of 3, R of 26

So C = 26


9. You are given an OR problem and a XOR problem to solve. Then, which one of the following statements is true?

(A) Both OR and XOR problems can be solved using single layer perception.

(B) OR problem can be solved using single layer perception and XOR problems can be solved using self organizing maps.

(C) OR problem can be solved using radial basis function and XORcan be solved using single layer perception. 

(D) OR problem can be solved using single layer perception and XOR problems can be solved using radial basis function.



10. Match the following:  

           List-1                      List -II

a.  Application Layer     1. TCP  

b. Trasnport Layer        2. HDLC

c. Network Layer           3. HTTP

d. Data Link Layer        4. BGP

         a    b    c    d

(A)    2     1    4   3

(B)    3     4    1   2

(C)    3     1    4   2

(D)    2     4    1   3



11.The time complexities of some standard graph algorithm are given. Match each algorithm with its time complexity? (n and m are no. of nodes and edges respectively)

a. Bellman Ford Algorithm        1. O(m log n)  

b. Kruskal's Algorithm               2. O(n^3)

c. Floyds Warshall Algorithm    3. O(mn)

d. Topological Sorting                 4. O(m+n)



12.    Let V1 = 2I - J + K and V2 = I + J - K, then the angle between V1 & V2 and a vector perpendicular to both V1 & V2 shall be
(A)    90°and(-2I + J-3K)
(B)    60°and(2I + J + 3K)
(C)    90°and(2I + J-3K)
(D)    90°and(-2I-J + 3K)



13.    Consider a fuzzy set A defined on the interval X = [0, 10] of integers by the membership Junction
          µA(x) = x / x + 2   Then the α cut corresponding to α = 0.5 will be
(A)    {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}
(B)    {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}
(C)    {2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}
(D)    {  }

Ans: C


 14.    Let T(n) be the function defined by T(n) = 1 and T(n) = 2T (n/2) + n, which of the following is TRUE ?      .
(A)    T(n) = O(n)
(B)    T(n) = O(log2n)
(C)    T(n) = O(n)
(D)    T(n) = O(n2)

Ans:C (But in the question it has to be mentionioned n>=2)


15.     In classful addressing, an IP address belongs to______class format.
(A)    A
(B)    B
(C)    C
(D)    D



16.    The Mandelbrot set used for the construction of beautiful images is based on the following transformation :   

= x2
+ Z Here,  
(A)    Both x & z are real numbers.
(B)    Both x & z are complex numbers.
(C)    x is real & z is complex.
(D)    x is complex & z is real.


17.    Which of the following permutations can be obtained in the output using a stack of size 3 elements assuming that input, sequence is 1,2, 3,4, 5 ?
(A)    3,2,1,5,4
(B)    5,4,3,2,1
(C)    3,4,5,2,1
(D)    3,4,5,1,2

 Ans:A or C


18.     In a Linear Programming Problem, suppose there are 3 basic variables and 2 non-basic variables, then the possible number of basic solutions are
(A)    6
(B)    8
(C)    10
(D)    12

Ans: C


19.    Identify the following activation function :
                       Φ(V) = Z + 1 / (1 + exp(-X * V + Y))
        Z, X, Y are parameters
(A)    Step function
(B)    Ramp function
(C)    Sigmoid function
(D)    Gaussian function



20. The no. of ways to distribute n distinguishable objects into k distinguishable boxes, so that ni objects
are placed into box i, i = 1, 2, .... k equals which of the following ?
(A)  n! /  n1!+ n2! + ..... + nk!
(B)  n1!+ n2! + ..... + nk! /  n1! n2! n3!  .....  nk!
(C)  n! / n1! n2! n3!  .....  nk!
(D)  n1! n2! ....nk! / n1! - n2! - n3!  ..... - nk!


  21.    How many solutions do the following equation have
         x1 + x2 + x3 = 11  where x1 ≥ 1, x2 ≥ 2, x3 ≥ 3
(A)    C(7,11)
(B)    C(11,3)                       
(C)    C(14, 11)
(D)    C(7,5)



22.    Which provides an interface to the TCP/IP suit protocols in Windows95 and Windows NT ?
(A)    FTP Active-X Control
(B)    TCP/IP Active-X Control
(C)    Calinsock Active-X Control
(D)    HTML Active-X Control



What are the final values of Q1 and Q0 after 4 clock cycles, if initial values are 00 in the sequential circuit shown below :

(A)    11               
(B)    10                  
(Q     01                  
(D)    00      



24.    If dual has an unbounded solution, then its corresponding primal has
(A)    no feasible solution
(B)    unbounded solution
(C)    feasible solution
(D)    none of these



25.    The number of distinct bracelets of five beads made up of red, blue, and green beads (two bracelets are indistinguishable if the rotation of one yield another) is,
(A)   243
(B)   81
(C)   51
(D)   47



26.    Which are the classifications of data used in Mobile Applications ?
(A)    Private data, User data, Shared data.
(B)    Public data, User data, Virtual data.
(C)    Private data, Public data, Shared data.
(D)   Public data, Virtual data, User data.


27.   In an enhancement of a CPU design, the speed of a floating point unit has been increased by 20% and the speed of a fixed point unit has been increased by 10%. What is the overall speed achieved if the ratio of the number of floating point operations to the number of fixed point operations is 2 : 3 and the floating point operation used to take twice the time taken by the fixed point operation in original design ?
(A)     1.62                                  
(B)     1.55
(C)     1.85  
(D)     1.285

 Ans: D


28.   The initial basic feasible solution to the following transportation problem using Vogel's approximation method is                                                   


(A)   X11 = 20, X13 = 10, X21  = 20,    X23 = 20, X24 = 10, X32  = 10,         Total Cost = 180
(B)   X11 = 20, X12 = 20, X13  = 10,    X22 = 20, X23 = 20, X24  = 10,         Total Cost = 180
(C)   X11 = 20, X13 = 10, X22  = 20,     X23 = 20, X24 = 10, X32  = 10,         Total Cost = 180
(D)   None of the above


29.    58 lamps are to be connected to a single electric outlet by using an extension board each of which has four outlets. The number of extension boards needed to connect ail the light is
(A)    29
(B)    28
(C)    20
(D)    19


  30.    Match the following with respect to the Mobile Computing Architecture.
a.  Downlink control                                1.  100Mbps
b.  Radio communication data rate           2.  Residency latency (RL)
c.  The average duration of                       3. S
ending data from a BS to MD

     user's stay in cell        
d.  FDDI bandwidth                                  4.  2-Mbps

Codes :      
        a      b    c    d
(A)   2     1    4    3
(B)   3     4    2    1
(C)   4     1    2    1
(D)   4     3    1    2








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Computer Science- Paper II


1. Consider the circuit shown below. In a certain steady state, Y is at logical '1'. What are the possible values of A,B,C?

(A) A=0, B=0, C=1

(B) A=0, B=C=1

(C) A=1, B=C=0

(D) A=B=1, C=1

Ans: Both A & D


2. The worst case time complexity of AVL tree is better in comparison to binary search tree for

(A)  Search and Insert Operations

(B) Search and Delete Operations

(C) Insert and Delete Operations

(D) Search, Insert and Delete operations



 3. The GSM network is divided into the following three major systems:






Switching Systems(SS),

Base Station Systems(BSS), 

Operation Support System(OSS)


4. The Power Set of the set {Ø}

(A) Ø

(B) { Ø, {Ø}}

(C) {0}

(D) {o, Ø,{Ø}}

 Ans: B


5. If the disk head is located initially at 32, find the number of disk moves required with FCFS if the disk queue of I/O blocks are 98, 37, 14, 124, 65, 67.

(A) 239

(B) 310

(C) 321

(D) 325



6. Component Level Design is concerned with

(A) Flow Oriented Analysis

(B) Class Based Analysis

(C) Both of the above

(D) None of the above

Ans: C


7. The C Language is

(A) Context free language

(B) Context Sensitive Language

(C) Regular Language

(D) None of the above



8. The Mobile Application Protocol(MAP) typically runs on top of which protocol

(A) SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol)

(B) SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

(C) SS7 (Signalling Systems 7)

(D) HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

 Ans: C


9. If a packet arrive with an M-bit value is '1' and a fragmentation offset value is '0', then it is ____________ fragment.

(A) First

(B) Middle

(C) Last

(D) All of the above

Ans: A

If the M bit is 1, that means there is atleast one more fragment(offset). Because the offset value is 0, it is the first fragment.


10. The number of bit strings of length eight that will either start with a 1 bit or end with two bits 00 shall be

(A) 32 

(B) 64

(C) 128

(D) 160

Ans: D

Starting with the 1 bit = 128 to 255 = 128 numbers
Ending with 00 = 256/4 = 64 numbers
Half of these 64 numbers start with 1, leaving 32.
Assuming starting with 1 and ending with 00 is counted only once:
128 + 32 = 160

11. In complete design, 'reducing the strength' refers to

(A) Reducing the range of values of input variables

(B) Code Optimization using cheaper machine instructions

(C) Reducing efficiency of program

(D) None of the above

Ans: B


12, In which addressing mode, the effective address of the operand is generated by adding a constant value to the contents of register.

(A) Absolute

(B) Indirect

(C) Immediate

(D) Index

Ans: D


13. Which of the following is true?

(A) A relation in BCNF is always in 3NF

(B) A relation in 3NF is always in BCNF.

(C) BCNF and 3NF are same

(D) A relation in BCNF is not in 3NF



14. Given memory partition of 100 K, 500 K, 200 K, 300 K and 600 K (in order) and processes of 212 K, 417 K, 112 K and 426 K (in order), using the first-fit algorithm, in which partition would the process requiring 426 K be placed

(A) 500 K

(B) 200 K

(C) 300 K

(D) 600 K



15. What is the size of the Unicode character in Windows Operating System?

(A) 8-bits

(B) 16-bits

(C) 32-bits

(D) 64-bits



16. In which tree, for every node the height of its left sub-tree and right sub-tree differ almost by one?

(A) Binary Search Tree

(B) AVL Tree

(C) Threaded Binary Tree

(D) Complete Binary Tree


AVL Balance Condition: For every node in the tree, the heights of its sub-tree and right sub-tree at most 1.


17.The design issue of Data Link Layer  in OSI Reference Model is:

(A) Framing

(B) Representation of bits

(C) Synchronization of bits

(D) Connection Control



18. Given the following Expressions of a grammar

E -> E*F/F+E/F


Which of the following is true?

(A) * has higher precedence than +

(B) - has highed precedence than *

(C) + and - have same precedence

(D) + has higher precedence than *



19.The maturity levels used to measure a process are

(A) Initial, Repeatable,Defined, Managed, Optimized

(B) Primary, Secondary,Defined, Managed, Optimized

(C) Initial, Stating,Defined, Managed, Optimized

(D) None of these


Use the acronym “IRDMO” to remember them.


20.The Problem of indefinite blockage of low-priority jobs in general priority scheduling algorithm can be solved using:

(A) Parity Bit

(B) Aging

(C) Compaction

(D) Timer


A major problem with priority scheduling is indefinite blocking or starvation. A solution to the problem of indefinite blockage of the low-priority process is aging. Aging is a technique of gradually increasing the priority of processes that wait in the system for a long period of time.


21. Which API is used to draw a circle?

(A) Circle()

(B) Ellipse()

(C) Round Rect()

(D) Pie()

Ans:B  (maybe)



22.In DML, RECONNECT command cannot be used with




(D) All of the above


The RECONNECT command can be used with both OPTIONAL and MANDATORY sets, but not with FIXED sets. The RECONNECT command moves a member record from one set instance to another set instance of the same set type. It cannot be used with FIXED sets because a member record cannot be moved from one set instance to another under the FIXED constraint.


23. Coaxial Cables are categorized by Radio Government rating are adapted for specialized functions. Category RG-59 with impedance 75 used for

(A) Cable TV

(B) Ethernet

(C) Thin Ethernet

(D) Thick Ethernet



24. RAD Stands for

(A) Rapid And Design

(B) Rapid Aided Development

(C) Rapid Application Development

(D) Rapid Application Design



25.  Suppose that someone starts a chain letter. Each person who receives the letter is asked to send it on to four other people. Some people do this, but others do not send any letter. How many people have seen the letter, including the first person, if no one receives more than one letter and if the chain letter ends after there have been 100 peoples who read it but did not send it out? Also find How many people send out the letter?       

(A) 122 & 22

(B) 111 & 11

(C) 133 & 33

(D) 144 & 44



m =4
                     l =100
                     i =?
          For 4-ary tree,
                      n = I + l
                      n = mi+1
         . . .    i + l = mi+1
                    99 =3i
                      i =33
                     n =mi + l

 26. A hash function f defined as f(key)=key mod 13, with linear probing is used to insert keys 55,58,68,91,27,145. What will be the location of 79?

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4



27. Which of the following is true while converting CFG to LL(I) grammar?

(A) Remove left recursion alone

(B) Factoring grammar alone

(C) Both of the above

(D) None of the above


To convert an arbitrary CFG to an LL(1) grammar we must remove left recursion and left factoring if we can’t remove these then grammar becomes ambiguous and LL(1) parsers can’t parse it. 


28. Identify the Risk factors which are associated with Electronic Payment System.

(A) Fraudulent use of Credit Cards.

(B) Sending Credit Card details over Internet

(C) Remote storage of Credit Card details

(D) All of the above



29. Which of the following are two special functions that are meant for handling exception, that occur during exception handling itself?

(A) void terminate() and void unexpected()

(B) non-void terminate() and void unexpected()

(C) void terminate() and non-void unexpected()

(D) non-void terminate() and non-void unexpected()



30.Which of the following memory allocation scheme suffers from external fragmentation?

(A) Segmentation

(B) Pure Demand Paging

(C) Swapping

(D) Paging



31. Basis path testing falls under

(A) System Testing

(B) White Box Testing

(C) Black Box Testing

(D) Unit Testing



32. The User Work Area(UWA) is a set of program variables declared in the host program to communicate the contents of individual records between

(A) DBMS & the Host record

(B) Host Program and Host Record

(C) Host Program and DBMS

(D) Host Program and Host Language


33. Consider the tree

Using the property of eccentricity of a vertex, find every vertex that is the centre  of the given tree

(A) d & h

(B) c & k

(C) g,b,c,h,i,m

(D) c & h


34. The maximum number of keys stored in a B-Tree of order m and depth d is

(A) m^(d+1)-1

(B) (m^(d+1)-1)/(m-1)

(C) (m-1)(m^(d+1)-1)

(D) (m^(d-1))/(m-1)

Ans: Answer is not there in the list.

the maximum number of keys (records that can be stored in the file) in a B-tree of order = m and depth = d is m^(d - 1).

35. Which of the following is the most powerful parsing method?

(A) LL(I)

(B) Canonical LR





36. In Unix, which of the following command is used to set the task priority?

(A) init

(B) nice

(C) kill

(D) PS



37. AES is a round cipher based on the Rijnidal Algorithm that uses a 128-bit block of data. AES has three different configurations. ______ rounds with a key size of 128 bits, ________ rounds with a key size of 192 bits and ________ rounds with a key size of 256 bits.

(A) 5,7,15

(B) 10,12,14

(C) 5,6,7

(D) 20,12,14



38. Match the following IC families with their basic circuits

a. TTL           1.NAND

b. ECL           2. NOR

c. CMOS       3. Inverter

         a     b    c

(A)    1     2    3

(B)    3     2    1

(C)    2    3     1

(D)    2    1     3



39. Match the following with respect to C++ data types

a. User-defined type        1. Qualifier

b. Built-in Type               2. Union

c. Derived Type              3. void

d. Long Double              4. Pointer


         a     b    c    d

(A)    2     3    4     1  

(B)    3     1   4      2

(C)    4    1    2     3

(D)    3    4   1      2



40. Given an empty stack, after performing push(1), push(2), Pop, Push(3),
push(4),Pop, Pop, Push(5) and pop, what is the value at the top of the stack? 

(A) 4

(B) 3 

(C) 2

(D) 1



41. Enumeration is a process of

(A) Declaring a set of integers

(B) Sorting a list of strings

(C) Assigning a legal values possible for a variable

(D) Sequencing a list of operators



42.Which of the following mode declaration is used in C++ to open a file for input?

(A) ios::app

(B) ios::ios

(C) ios::file

(D) ios::in



43. Data Encryption Technique are particularly used for ________

(A) Protecting data in data communication system.

(B) Reduce Storage Space Requirement

(C) Enhances Data Integrity

(D) Decreases Data Integrity



44. Let L be a set accepted by a non-deterministic finite automaton. The number of states in non-deterministic finite automation is |Q|. The maximum number of states in equivalent finite automaton that accepts L is.

(A) |Q|

(B) 2|Q|

(C) 2^(|Q|)-1

(D) 2^(|Q|)



45. What is the result of the following expression? (1 &2) + (3 &4)

(A) 1

(B) 3

(C) 2

(D) 0


(1 & 2) + (3 & 4)

=( 001 & 010) + (011 + 100)

=(0) + (0)

The bit-wise AND operator (&) compares each bit of the first operand to the corresponding bit of the second operand. If both bits are 1, the corresponding result bit is set to 1. Otherwise, the corresponding result bit is set to 0.


46. Back propagation is a learning technique that adjusts weights in the neural network by propagating weight changes.

(A) Forward from source to sink

(B) Backward from sink to source

(C) Forward from source to hidden

(D) Backward from since to hidden



47. Match the following

a. TTL           1.High Fan out

b. ECL           2. Low Propagation Delay

c. CMOS       3. High Power Dissipation

         a     b    c

(A)    3     2    1

(B)    1     2    3

(C)    1    3     2

(D)    3    1    2



48. ________ is an umbrella activity that is applied throughout the software engineering process

(A) Debugging

(B) Testing

(C) Designing 

(D) Software Quality Assurance

Ans: D

49. Identify the operation which is commutative but not associate

(A) OR




Ans: B & D

50. Given a Relation POSITION(Posing-No, Skill), then query to retreive all distinct pairs of posting-nos requiring skill is 

(A) Select p.posting-no,p.posting-no

      from position p

      where p.skill=p.skill

      and p.posting-no<p.posting-no;

(B) Select p1.posting-no,p2.posting-no

      from position p1,position p2

      where p1.skill=p2.skill

(C) Select p1.posting-no,p2.posting-no

      from position p1,position p2

      where p1.skill=p2.skill     

      and p1.posting-no<p2.posting-no;

(D) Select p1.posting-no,p2.posting-no

      from position p1,position p2

      where p1.skill=p2.skill     

      and p1.posting-no=p2.posting-no;